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From start to finish.

MPH is dedicated to turning out well-rounded horses who are suited for their discipline, and more. We have experience both in and out of the show ring. Our young horse program offers a solid foundation for any horse, going into any discipline. We believe in a healthy balance of discipline and praise to get them started in the right direction, and work a variety of situations with each individual. This will help the horse learn to better understand what is being asked of them in all phases of training. We start from the ground up, and do not believe in skipping steps to get a quick response. A common sense approach to horsemanship allows horses and owners to get the most out of their partnership. Owners are encouraged to view the training sessions often and stay involved in the progress of their horse.


Our finishing program is primarily tailored to the english disciplines. Whether it be tapping into your horse's full potential, or the show ring you have in mind, we can help. Additionally, we attend clinics and seminars often and believe in continually educating ourselves through Classical riding. No gimmicks, no shortcuts. 



Rates starting at $850/month - board included



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