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Consignment Sales

We offer a consignment program for sale horses. We take pride in our marketing and presentation.

After speaking with the seller to determine price point, type of home, and full background of the horse, we take them for an evaluation. An evaluation consists of 2 weeks training time at the standard rate. This is waived if the horse has already had one or more months of training with MPH. After evaluation, the horse is marketed. They are kept at our barn and will receive daily grooming and handling, and will have a work schedule designed to fit their needs. We provide all marketing materials including photos, sales video, ad placement and removal when sold, and handle the communication with potential buyers. We believe in full disclosure and will not cover any blemish, training issue, unsoundness, or otherwise, to suit the seller. All horses are sold with an Equine Sales Agreement and we do our best to find the perfect match for each horse that enters our barn. 


Prices vary based on individual needs. A 10% sales commission is charged and taken out of final sale price. Please contact us for more info! 

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