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Marshall Performance Horses is owned by Seth and Michele Marshall. Married in 2010, they have been training, showing, and teaching together 14 years. Dressage and horsemanship are at the center of the MPH training program. This foundation allows for success in a variety of disciplines, including dressage, eventing, show jumping, and working equitation. Seth and Michele own and operate their equine facility in addition to raising beef and hay crops.

Michele has a diverse background that includes breeding, showing, and training over the last 15 years. Dressage, driving, jumping, and working equitation are her specialties. Though she is no stranger to national competitions, Michele's passion lies in teaching horses and riders to connect and work together to reach their goals. Education and application is the method she has utilized to develop young horses from the ground up, compete in upper-level jumping, show to Fourth level in Dressage, and earn many national titles. Michele is currently pursuing licensure as a USAWE Judge.  

Seth seeks to build confidence in both the horse and rider through correct basics, mechanics, and utilization of the pyramid of training. With a developed eye, he helps the rider find the correct seat and position to be most effective with their aids. This allows the rider to have confidence in their understanding and horsemanship. With years of experience in dressage, show jumping, and working equitation, Seth has a long list of safe horses and happy riders that have benefited from his steady hand. Not only has he learned from each horse, but Seth is also an avid study of classical dressage and has learned from and ridden with Jill Barron, Carlos Carneiro, and Doreen Atkinson. Seth is currently training, competing, and teaching clinics based out of Marshall Performance Horses in NE Oklahoma. With a direct teaching style and focus on “Mastery” of the fundamentals, riding with Seth will strengthen your equine partnership.


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